Almaz is a Romanian based design house launched by Andra Olaru and Stefana Maior in 2015. Drawn as a sophisticated, edgy luxury brand, its designs are built on contrasts, craftsmanship and versatility, passed through artistically responsible exercises, all in a balanced mix and aligned to the current needs, forming an unmistakable signature.
The Woman dressed in Almaz is both inviting and out of reach. She is streetwise casual and refined, boyish and fiercely feminine at the same time.


Creative Director



Starting with the Law School, skipping classes to attend different design and history courses, alternating them with small jobs, she was much more attracted to this form of art.

By graduating the 3 year Fashion Design Course at Istituto Marangoni, in Milan, she took part in the Marangoni Fashion Show, finishing her student journey in 2014 among the best 20 students.

After living for many years in the city that is widely regarded as a global capital in design and fashion, she decided to return to her country of origin, in order to launch a new ready to wear label.

“After years of feeding my soul and mind with useful and useless, I found the best way to fusion cultures, past and contemporary, beautiful and what we may consider ‘ugliness’ around us.“

“I would like for the women who wear ALMAZ, to have the same feeling that I have when I touch a fabric and immagine a silhouette, so they will come back, over and over again.”





During her classes at the Academy of Economic Studies, she has always been drawn to projects involving design and fashion which inspired her to explore her abilities and set her on a course to challenge herself further. She graduated in 2012 from Fashion Design at the Bucharest National University of Arts.

She developed projects as “Royal Junkie” and “Marquisha” for the local market. Eager to gain more experience, she moved to Milan working for prestigious brands.

Ever since, she has developed her vision as part of a pensive dialogue between design, form and function, linking the knowledge of the product to sensitivity of fashion.

“I watch and admire space, boundaries and the geometry within, being attracted to the glamorous aspect of simplicity, beauty of shades and the mistery of muted tones. I am a painstaker in transforming things, putting them otherwise, decomposing, blending natural loose forms with discrete rugged lines in order to create something individual”.